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Beauty Sleep Silk Pillow Case
Beauty Sleep Silk Pillow Case

Beauty Sleep Silk Pillow Case

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Maximize the benefits of your beauty sleep with this 100% mulberry silk pillowcase.  Hypoallergenic silk glides easily to prevent creasing and wrinkles in skin and fall-out, snags, and breakage in hair—preserving youthful looks and professional blowouts. And when it comes to the most productive beauty routine, our 100% High-Grade Mulberry Silk pillowcase is a must. The common cotton pillowcase is highly absorbent, drinking up your nourishing creams and oils and decreasing effectiveness.

Skin benefits include: Minimizes collagen breakdown and fine lines, naturally antibacterial, no sleep wrinkles, won't suck up your overnight serums and moisturizers.

Hair benefits include:  Reduces bedhead and frizziness, prevents breakage, preserves blowouts, increases softness and shine.

Ivory/White. Standard size.